General Information

All players and parents are required to cover the costs and details of their own travel expenses and arrangements.

Team Detroit secures lodging for our coaching staff.  In most cases, families are free to stay wherever they wish.  Some tournaments (usually USAV Qualifiers and a few others) are "Stay to Play" meaning that you must reserve rooms through the housing service.  Most tournaments provide us with a rooming block in case families want to take advantage of any special tournament rates.  We will post all travel information to your team GroupMe to include housing information/instructions for each event.


A lot of consideration goes into choosing the hotels where we stay. We will book hotels with a reasonable rate, free parking and continental breakfast whenever possible. Since some of the convention centers are located in the heart of larger metropolitan areas, the closer to downtown a hotel is, usually means a higher cost and charges for parking. Some people like the convenience of being able to walk to the tournament, while others would prefer to stay outside of the city for a cheaper option. When necessary, we will provide both options to our families. At tournaments with multiple playing locations, athletes will also have more than one hotel location from which to choose. Parents are free to reserve hotels that suit their family needs. Post any questions in your team GroupMe.