2019 Season Travel Info

This travel spreadsheet is updated as of November 13, 2018


The travel spreadsheet below will be continuously updated as more information becomes available.


*Stay to play events should be #1 booking priority. Look on the spreadsheet to find the deadline to when reservations need to be made*


Stay to Play means that ALL members of teams registered at these events will need to use the tournament housing service that each event uses (usually THS) when making your hotel reservations.  You must NOT make your own reservations at venues outside of the tournament guidelines!  If your athlete or family is sharing a room with another family at an event hotel that is fine.  Teams with members who do not abide by this rule run the risk of being disqualified by the tournament director!


List of "Stay to Play" Events

Capitol Hill Classic; Washington DC

Mid East Qualifier; Indianapolis, IN

Windy City Qualifier; Chicago, IL

Volleyfest; Grand Rapids, MI

MJVBA Championships; Grand Rapids, MI

MEQ Info

Mid East Qualifier:

●       Go to https://www.advancedeventsystems.com/reservations/manage/lookup

●       Enter the e-mail address of the person who made the reservation: malia.gabel@gmail.com. This can also be found in the contact information section of the confirmation e-mail.

●       Type in 111196 as the Reservation #.

●       A summary of your reservation will appear.

●       From this page, identify the room type you would like to add your rooming list to. Be sure to check the check in and check out dates.

●       Please select an available room from the reservation drop down.

●       You will need to type one person per row. Please make this as accurate as possible for check in and security purposes.

●       Type in your credit card information for the hotel.

●       No one has access to your credit card information except for the hotel. AES web site is secure using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

●       Pay AES Booking Fee.

●       Click update.

●       If you have any problems, please contact Housing Support at 800-476-0060 or Email: wheels@capitolsportscenter.com


Windy City Info

Windy City Qualifier:
●      https://www.jaderegistration.com/GroupHousing/initiate.do?eventID=14692130&contactTypeID=14790095&loginType=RECORDID&ECCPHONE=888-241-8405&eventHomeURL=http://www.mcisemi.com/adidaswindycity2019&pdfLoc=&loginLabel=Club%2FTeam&siteNumber=879551305&_ga=2.26271613.1915973101.1542112679-2019159939.1538505660

●      Login using the username: malia.gabel and password: teamd

●      If you are on 15 White your username is malia.gabel and password: TEAMD


General Information

All players and parents are required to cover the costs and details of their own travel expenses and arrangements.

Team Detroit secures hotel(s) for our coaching staff (where Team Detroit athletes are recommended to stay for each tournament). A lot of consideration goes into choosing the hotels where we stay. We will book hotels with a reasonable rate, free parking and continental breakfast whenever possible. Since some of the convention centers are located in the heart of larger metropolitan areas, the closer to downtown a hotel is, usually means a higher cost and charges for parking. Some people like the convenience of being able to walk to the tournament, while others would prefer to stay outside of the city for a cheaper option. When necessary, we will provide both options to our families. At tournaments with multiple playing locations, athletes will also have more than one hotel location from which to choose. Parents are free to reserve hotels that suit their family. However, your coach may hold team meetings at the team/club hotel. Please be prepared to attend these meetings.  Questions contact Paige.