Finley 2020
Shawn Finley is in his forth year coaching club, most recent two with the Team Detroit family.
 He grew up a three sport athlete competing in baseball, basketball and football.  He is an alumni baseball player locally at Garden City high school.
Shawn pursued his Secondary Education teaching certification at Wayne State University, with a comprehensive Social Studies focus.  He is currently teaching at University Prep Science and Math (UPSM) Middle School where he teaches 7th grade social studies.  Shawn is a volunteer at the middle school, helping support their volleyball program.
Shawn has a deep passion for serving children of all different backgrounds and ages.  Sports helped him stay on track tremendously as a young student, and he hopes to give back that same access to others.  Finding volleyball through beach competition at a local park back in middle school, Shawn discovered how fun AND fierce the sport can be.  His analytical nature created a spark to learn more about the sport and how many varying ways it could be taught.  He had an unorthodox way of looking at the game, leading him to be an outside the box thinking coach.  Not being able to compete in volleyball as an organized sport lead him on a mission to combine his baseball knowledge within the 30'x60' boundaries of the volleyball court.  He likes to instill in his players that there is not just one way to accomplish things.  Being able to adjust is what makes a great athlete.  On the court, Shawn loves working on serve and serve receive.  He finds success focusing on these big rocks of the game.  His teaching background combined with athletic knowledge leads to a positive but hard working environment on his court here at Team Detroit.