2021 Uniform Package Information

Team Detroit VBC Families,


It is time to order uniforms for the 2021 season.  As you know, we are keeping our uniforms from 2020.  We expect that all returning players will have lightly-used uniforms from last year and are probably still serviceable.  All new players will need to place your order online.  If you are on a National Team (i.e. Red, White, Blue, Stars) you will need 3 jerseys and you will need to order from the "National Team" tab on the website.  If you are a National Lite, Select, or Regional Team (i.e. Valor, Liberty, Ranger, Patriot) you will only need 2 jerseys and you will need to order from the "Select Team" tab on the website.  Click the appropriate link below to go directly to your page.


  • All new players will need to place an order as well as returning players who either lost their uniforms from last year, have jerseys that no longer fit, or are ruined in some way.  You will need to order all uniforms by Nov 15.
  • Please view the uniform sizing chart on the website prior to ordering your uniforms... these are custom made jerseys and they typically take 6 weeks to make.  Once ordered, there will be no exchanges and any re-orders will be at your expense.  If in doubt, ask a friend who has a jersey or order a bit larger size just to be safe.
  • When ordering uniforms, you may select a few different delivery options.  1) You can have them delivered directly to your home for a shipping fee, 2) You can elect to have them delivered to JCC and we can distribute at practice, or 3) You can opt to pick them up yourselves at Identity Source, 27611 Halstead Road, Farmington Hills.  Orders should arrive sometime in mid-December.  We will alert the club when uniform orders are complete and ready for distribution.
  • All uniform numbers will be assigned according to the age group and team each player is currently rostered on; we will ensure there are no duplicate numbers in any age group to allow for possible roster moves at any time.  Obviously, returning players from last year will keep their numbers.
  • There is a tab for "Spirit Wear" that is optional.  You can find our Team Detroit VBC backpack, practice t-shirts, quarter zips, and many other items to include all items that were part of the uniform package last year and new additions.  The Spirit Wear Store will remain open through the holidays; we will let you know if/when it will close or refresh.
  • There is an optional "Libero" jersey available on the Spirit Wear site if you think you will play that position and if you would like another jersey