Team Detroit Workout Plan

Overall Goal:

  • Increase full body strength especially the shoulders and lower body
  • Injury prevention:  Mainly ankle, knee and shoulder
  • Increase power output:  Using plyometrics and increasing core strength.
  • Fix the movement and balance issues before adding strength will enable the body to better develop.

Overall Tips:

  • Weights are your friend:  Many girls are afraid to get bulky or look like a man.  This is a myth.  In order to get stronger…you need to increase weights.  You would be surprised how much you can lift.
    • Rule of thumb:  While following the written reps, if you can do 2 or more after the given reps….you should increase the weight next time.  I will not be there to see if you need to increase the weight so make sure you push yourself or you are wasting your time.
    • If you do not have access to weights, body weight will still give you benefits.
  • Quality vs. Quantity:  Make sure to use correct form.  I will go over form each week with the girls.  You may also use the video library for reference.  As you increase weight, make sure you are still using correct form.
  • Plyometrics:  We want to focus on power (not conditioning that you normally think of).  That being said, in between each set you should give yourself the actual rest period described.  Each set should be done with 100% effort .
  • Modifications:  If the exercise is too easy there are several ways to make it harder.
    • Increase the weight
    • Slower tempo or pace
    • Go on one leg:  Which is why we do single leg squats and single leg deadlifts.  The less of your body on the ground the better (while still obtaining good form and being in control)
  • Core:  Slower the better.  You will want to rush through these to get them done.  This is a mistake.  You want to focus on the movement and activate your core throughout the movement.
    • To help with these, you need to focus on your breathing.  When you exhale, exhale deeply until all the air is out.  This will help you contract your core.
      • This will also help focus.  Many try and hold their breath because they are focused on balancing as opposed to breathing….make sure you breathe.

U13 & U14 athletes should workout 2 days per week

U15 & older athletes should workout 2-3 days per week