Mar 12 (Saturday)





Tournament Information


WAVE 1 (8:00-12:00):  U15/16 & U17/18


Mar 12 U17-18

Mar 12 U15-16a

Mar 12 U15-16b


WAVE 2 (1:00-5:00): U13/14 & U12


Mar 12 U12a

Mar 12 U12b

Mar 12 U13-14

Mar 12 U14


Covid-19 Protocols for 2022:

  • We will run an AM wave (8am-12pm) and PM wave (1pm-4pm) to spread out our courts and ensure social distancing between courts.
  • All tournaments age groups will be in a quad style format on 2 or 3 courts with a 3-match guarantee; winners will be determined by final standing; playoffs are not necessarily guaranteed depending on the size of the field and structure of the tournament.
  • For quad style tournaments, teams will play every team in their pool and the winner will be announced.
  • For larger tournaments, we may do pool play and then re-pool to produce a Gold and Silver pools; winners are determined by final standings.
  • Teams will warm-up before their 1st match only and then play all matches; no warmups in between matches.
  • Referees & workers will be provided for quad formats, teams will play all matches consecutively & then leave in order to eliminate teams in the facility who are not playing (i.e. work duties and rest periods).
  • All other formats will include a work team.
  • In all tournament formats, there will NOT be any breaks for any teams (i.e. no team is "off"); this is to reduce the numbers of people in the building at any one time for health safety reasons.
  • Tournament tables are NOT allowed; no eating or gathering in close proximity of groups of people who are unmasked.
  • Mask policy will be posted and announced prior to the event to maintain compliance with all guidelines (CDC, State of MI, AAU, etc.).

Gym Location

Team Detroit VBC is located at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in West Bloomfield.  We are in the IHC Sports Complex on the west side of the building.  Access is easiest off Maple Road (see map below).


6600 W Maple Road

West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Registered Teams


Marysville 18 Thomas

Wildfire U18

KNZ Elite 18

(Unified 17 Sky)

*Core 17 Grey

*PAL 17

Flight 16 White

Pulse 16 White

Wildfire U16

New Boston 16 GD

Attack 16U Owosso

*Club Fusion U16

Bluestreaks U15

*Club Fusion U15

*Core 15 Grey

*Core 15 Black

*Club Xtreme U15




Team D 14-Patriot

Wildfire 14 Black

Wildfire 14 Orange

Infinity 14 Purple

YMCA Hitters 14 Winter

KNZ Elite 14

Unified 14 Royal

Dynamite 14 Regional

*PAL U14

Club Xtreme U14

Team D 13-Patriot

Legacy 13 Grey

Bluestreaks U13

Team D 12-Patriot

Team D 12-Glory

Team D 12-Liberty

Marysville 12 Hudson

Marysville 12 Maryon

Wildfire U12

Arsenal 12 Local

Infinity 12 Pink

NBVBC 12 White

Attack 12 Steve


(Unified 12 Blue)

Jonesville Vollerz U12

LC Wildcats II U12

Legacy 11 Grey