The day has finally arrived when we are able to re-open our gym and resume volleyball training!  All throughout this pandemic, one of the most often asked questions was “when are you going to resume training?”.  We now have an answer – June 15!  The State of Michigan is allowing us to begin the process of opening our facility and we are working hard to follow both the State of Michigan guidelines and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, especially pertaining to gyms/sports facilities.  Our number one concern is to ensure the safety of our coaches and our athletes and take all necessary and prudent precautions.  While some of these directives may seem excessive, they are meant to act responsibly, ensure safety, and encourage everyone that their athlete will be safe when coming back to JCC.  We envision reducing some of these measures at some point in the coming weeks as the spread of the Covid-19 virus dissipates.  In the meantime, we are happy to get the opportunity to start training again!  Please read the entire contents of this email carefully to understand our policies and procedures as we look to resume activities in the next week.


  1. Control Measures. We will use the following control measures to ensure everyone who enters JCC is symptom-free, our facilities remain virus-free, and we minimize exposure to any potential hazards.
    1. We will limit entrance to JCC to athletes and coaches only (i.e. no parents or siblings)
    2. JCC will remain closed to all other activities at this time (i.e. only Team Detroit activities)
    3. We will register all coaches and athletes daily in the event we need to perform contact tracing.
    4. Registration will include signing a COVID-19 waiver, daily temporal temperature checks, and listing any symptoms/exposure.
    5. Anyone who has symptoms, high risk conditions, or had recent exposure will not be permitted to enter JCC and/or will be sent home.
    6. We will sanitize all courts and equipment prior to starting all training and limit participants on each court with excess spacing between courts (i.e. social distancing)
      1. 1 coach and 10 athletes per court
      2. Social distancing between courts (i.e. hockey rink, main courts, side court, mini rink)
    7. Each court will use a limited amount of balls which will be cleaned after every training session.
    8. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout JCC for frequent use by all participants.


  1. Entrance Protocols. To reduce risk and exposure, we will implement the following criteria for all individuals entering JCC.
    1. All Team Detroit VBC employees will be screened for COVID-19 and we encourage anyone who is symptomatic or at risk of exposure get tested as well
    2. Training times will be staggered for each court, thus limiting the number of athletes coming and going at any given time.
    3. Athletes must come at their appointed time and leave immediately following the conclusion of training (no early arrivals or late departures).
    4. If anyone needs to wait for transportation, they should do that outside maintaining 6’ separation between others while wearing their mask.
    5. Athletes will enter JCC individually, sign in at the registration desk, submit to a temperature check, and immediately proceed to their assigned court.
    6. Everyone must enter and leave wearing a mask; Masks will not be mandated while on your court. Team Detroit VBC masks are available for purchase if necessary.
    7. Athletes will change on their court if needed; nobody will be allowed upstairs or in any area other than their assigned court. We will not use bleachers or chairs to reduce contact spread.
    8. Each athlete should use the restroom at home before coming to JCC; if any athlete needs to use the restroom, we will allow one individual at a time. Restrooms will be sanitized daily.
    9. Each athlete should bring a full water bottle and towel to training; the water fountain should be avoided and if necessary, used only to fill a water bottle.


  1. Scheduling Protocol. Due to the unique nature of the current environment and understanding that all training will be inclusive of the Unlimited Training Plan (UTP), we need to implement temporary scheduling policies.
    1. All training sessions are listed on our Training tab
    2. In order to attend a training session, each athlete must register online.  No drop-in's allowed.
    3. If you need to reschedule for any reason, contact us ASAP.
    4. With close to 300 athletes who are eligible for the UTP, we will need to ensure all athletes have an opportunity to train while we continue to abide by social distancing regulations which results in only a few available courts with limited athletes per court.
    5. We will assign your trainer and your court and each athlete must stay on her court for the entire training session.
    6. Initially, you may not be able to conduct maximum training (i.e. all day, every day) as we limit each athlete’s exposure and provide opportunities for everyone to get back into the gym.